You Are Not Her Father

To Any Man Who Dates Me:

You are not her father. She has one; it's up to him how involved he wants to be in her life. You do not need to fill his shoes; he needs to walk in his own. You are dating me and, yes, I come with a child but, again, she has a father. I know you have seen those Facebook posts of how you need to be a father to the child of the woman you are dating, however, I don't feel that way.

Instead, be a role model to my child. Show her how a man treats a woman. Show her how to be a decent human being. Maybe make her smile once and a while. Take away the pressure of having to fill some father's shoes and just be a positive male in her life, while holding my hand along the way. She won't call you Dad but she won't disrespect you either. It's not a competition between you and her father. Her father will always win in her eyes, as it should be. I will never make her choose you over him, so just relax. Just be you to her and everything will be fine.

Thank you.

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