Dear Alexis

Dear Alexis,
Today is a special day. Why? Because eight years ago I was given the best gift in the whole world: you.

8 Things I love About You (Course there are many, many more!)

  1. Your laugh.
  2. When you turn into the "Hulk".
  3. When you say you didn't get enough lovin' today and want to cuddle with me.
  4. The way you look at me when I tell you stories about unicorns and more.
  5. Your love of animals.
  6. When you tell me jokes that you made up.
  7. When I glance over to see you sitting quietly drawing a picture.
  8. And last--but not least--is that you changed me in more ways than one. I love you very much and could not imagine NOT being your mother. 
Happy Birthday!


  1. your birthday girl looks adorable...enjoy her..they grow so fast, my daughters are 23 & 25

  2. She really is her Momma's little girl! :) Happy Birthday to your daughter... late though I am. ;)