As I work on my next poetry book, untitled at this time, I wanted to share a poem I'm working on. If you can't read the above, here it is:

Raindrops falling aimlessly
Hitting the pavement
Sliding in between the cracks
The few grains of dirt welcoming the cool liquid
For the sun will shine again
Using its rays to dry up the cracks
And the dirt no one sees
But, for now, their thirst quenched.

I was inspired by the idea of how some people crave attention, even a little, though they know it may not last. They long for just a moment, to be seen, to be touched, basically to be acknowledged. I know I've been in that situation before where I've felt like I didn't matter, that no one cared, like I was dirt waiting for the rain.

What do you think about it?

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